Sunday, August 28, 2005


Empire plinth

Building a new plinth out of Corian.

I bought two 1/2 thick pieces from Ebay. Cut them down a little, and then glued them together.

I glued one of the cut pieces to one side, because I need to raise my tonearm for the thick empire platter. Drilled holes for the arm and spindle. I used a wood hole saw to drill the hole for the arm, but I wish I would have done it differently. Hole came out a little large, and I have to put electrical tape around my VTAF to make it snug.

Tooks lots of sanding to get to this point. I sended the edges starting with 60 grit with my orbital sander, to get it even. It was not even after I glued it together. I worked my way down to 2500 grit (from an auto paint supply store), and finished with rubbing compound. Lots of work, but I was happy with the results.

Ready for the tonearm.

Legs are made from 1/2 inch "all thread", bought from home depot.

With the motor attached, it spins ;).

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